Officials line up in opposing Measure A

Citing Measure A’s assault on the good planning process that has worked well for the residents and students of Buena Park since its inception, the Buena Park School District Board of Education voted Monday night to officially oppose Measure A and urge its defeat in the Buena Park special election.
The resolution reads in part and points out that Measure A’s passage “… would not only impose a costly and unreasonable requirement(s)…but constitutes a clear infringement on the rights of private property owners. It would clearly be disruptive and detrimental to any efforts to improve Buena Park’s economy”.
“The Board of Education of the Buena Park School District hereby finds…”Measure A” to be …not in the best interests of the community and the students of the Buena Park School District”.
The growing coalition of elected officials and organizations opposing Measure A includes Buena Park Mayor Art Brown, Mayor Pro Tem Fred Smith, Councilmember Beth Swift, Councilmember Virginia Vaughn, Senator Bob Huff, Senator Tony Mendoza, Assemblymember Young Kim, Orange County Supervisor Shawn Nelson, Orange County Supervisor Michelle Park Steel, the West Orange County Regional Chamber of Commerce, the Orange County Taxpayers Association, and the Orange County Business Council as well as the Orange County Register.
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