Buena Park takes a ‘No’ vote to ballot initiative Measure A

Alan McAuley, Chairman of “Save Buena Park, No on Measure A” campaign, issued the following statement after election results showed Measure A going down to defeat:
“For the past several months, while the sponsors of this misleading and flawed Measure vilified our city’s leaders, staff, and longtime good business owners, we have worked very hard to reach every voter in the City of Buena Park about what is right for our city.
“Our elected leadership has done a good job for this community, do what they think is best for Buena Park and have been vindicated by these election results. The voters saw through the false allegations and saw Measure A for what it was, a flawed measure that would cost the city dearly and accomplish none of its promises.
“It’s been a contentious campaign and now is the time for the community to come back together and work in concert for what is best for our neighborhoods. We’re committed to that process and hope those who supported Measure A are equally ready to lower the volume and resume the dialog.
“Along with the voters and their wisdom, we wish to thank the Mayor (Art Brown) and Mayor Pro Tem (Fred Smith), members of the City Council and elected leaders who supported us, as well as organizations who supported us, and everyone who put a sign in their yard, placed one in their storefront, and who opened their homes to us to host community meetings to talk about Measure A.
“Most importantly, we hope that those who became engaged in civic affairs for the first time through this campaign continue to be involved in shaping the future of our city.”


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